Social Wellness and Conscious Leadership

What we Do

Mindfulness Workshops at your Company Location

We offer workshops based on our ‘Conscious Leadership’ and ‘Joyful Living’ programs. As designed length of workshop for each of these two programs is 8 hours which can be split into multiple sessions. The format (team building vs. content delivery) and duration (2-8 hours) can however be customized to your specific requirements and availability. See examples below.  These workshops are suitable for all employees including managers and senior executives. 

To cement a lifelong adoption among key interested employees and have a cascading effect to further promote wellness in the company through those employees, we offer following services for up to 5 employees after the workshop –

3-hr Joyful Living @ Linkedin
2-hr Conscious Leadership @ Stanford
4-hr Team Building @ Oracle
8-hr Conscious Leadership @ IMFA

​Workshops at our Center

Chakra Healing Workshops
Yoga and Meditation Offsite Camp
Negative Emotions/Energy Workshops
Pranshakti Healing Training Program

We offer two types of workshops of 2-8 hours each on weekends at our Fremont, California center or offsite.

  1. Foundation workshops. These are suitable for people who want to understand basic concepts and techniques of mindfulness and get started on their wellness journey. These workshops are based on our various programs.

  2. More experiential and advanced workshops. These workshops are offered only at our Fremont, California center and are suitable for people:

    • Who have attended our workshop at their company site and want continuing engagement to focus on deeper concepts and discussions to cement a lifelong adoption.

    • Who want to focus on a specific need such as overcoming disorders or negative emotions, setting intentions, balancing energy centers etc.

    • Who have learned the basics of yoga and mindfulness but now want to become a Wellness Ambassador or train to become an Instructor.


Personal Consultation

We offer personal consultations with experts in the fields of wellness. If you are interested in a free 30 minutes consultation with one of our mindfulness healing experts over phone or in person, please contact us with a brief introduction about yourself and your needs.

WaaS (Wellness as a Service)

Cognitive Platform Under Development

Mountain House Retreat

Under Development