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Conscious Leadership

Awaken the leader in you and stay engaged mindfully

Buddha said, there are two teachers in this world- one is life and the other one is time. Life teaches the value of time and time teaches the value of life. Conscious Leadership is essentially the art of managing our life and our time in the best feasible way.

As a leader you have to first believe in the power of your mind and your spirit to make a difference. You need to be awake to yourself and to others by being present in the moment, be open to adapt to the changes in your environment and circumstances, and learn to respond instead of reacting. As a conscious leader, you need to learn how to turn on the internal GPS and constantly steer all your activities towards your goal, which you must set first.

Conscious Leadership program builds a lifelong practice of self-awareness based on the principles of yoga and mindfulness. This program facilitates a deeper sense of engagement, team spirit, and wellbeing among participating employees and thereby create a culture of collective progress and productivity.

Most people associate mindfulness with spirituality but these are equally applicable to the corporate world because everything originates in our mind, subsists in our mind and then dissolves in our mind alone. This workshop teaches few basic techniques that can be practiced anytime, anywhere to help cultivate focus, perspective and clarity of thought.

Concepts and Techniques:

  1. Setting and manifesting goals

    • Power of Choice (what do you want?)

    • Power of Subconscious (Ho’oponopono and EFT practice)

    • Work with your energy centers (Chakras)

  2. Turn-on your internal GPS to realize your goals

    • Mindfulness concepts and meditation

    • Setting intention (21 Conscious Breath, 5 Om)

    • Getting the vehicle ready (Physical Stretch, Joints Opening)

    • Refueling the vehicle (Breathing Practice, Getting the Formula –SSLDC)

  3. Make better decisions and improve productivity

    • Respond not React

    • Team Building Game (empathy and compassion)

    • Reaching the Destination (Making a Difference, Celebrating the Success)

    • Gratitude in Response

Joyful Living

Jon Kabat- Zinn, an expert on mindfulness, famously said that wherever you go there you are…unless you spend time understanding your true nature through a process of self-realization, nothing or no one can make you happy… It takes time and training to go from body consciousness to bliss consciousness. 

So if you are not happy with your life, what are you willing to do to experience joy? Complaining or resisting change does not help as every time you complain about something or feel unhappy about something, you are attracting more of the same. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results certainly does not work.

Well, you have bought all the books, subscribed to all the blogs/vlogs but have you taken the time to understand the true nature of joy and abundance. You have bought many clothes, gadgets, and expensive meals for your fleeting pleasures but have you invested in your personal growth to bring you lasting happiness.

The joyful living workshop helps you overcome emotional stress, lack of sleep, unresolved anger, resentment, unforgiveness, jealousy, irritation, perfectionism that is almost everything that makes you unhappy.

Concepts and Techniques:

This workshop is mostly focused on 21 mindfulness practices. If you would like a deeper understanding of concepts behind these practices, we recommend that you attend our Conscious Leadership Program first. Practices covered in this workshop are-

Fountain of youth exercises and breathing techniques that can add hours of energy to your day; mindfulness practices that can bring contentment to your life; laws of attraction to attract abundance; ho’oponopono practice to remove negativity; emotional freedom, forgiveness, and Yoga Nidra practices to get rid of stress.

STAY Well Mindfully

A successful and healthy life is not epitomized by the absence of disease but by the presence of wellness. And that wellness is not the exclusive domain of any country, culture, religion, practice, or technique.

This program offers healing practices, which the healers from around the world have used for thousands of years.  This holistic well-being approach addresses and harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the person as a whole. Any healing system that ignores one or more of these intrinsic needs of the human being will be incomplete and less effective.  To that end, we endeavor to provide information and practices, which nurture every one of these five levels of existence.  

Yoga and Meditation (for Teens)

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